Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see ScanTexter in action before purchasing it?

ScanTexter is a free app. You can install it for free from the Mac App Store.
The free version can be used up to 60 times.

What is ScanTexter's privacy policy?

We do not collect any personal data at all.

Text extraction not working after macOS update. How can I fix that?

Some installations are experiencing issues with Privacy functions. You can fix that by following this procedure:

  1. Quit ScanTexter.
  2. Go to System Preferences → Privacy&Security → Privacy → Screen Recording
  3. Activate the ScanTexter app.
  4. Launch ScanTexter and follow instructions.

I’ve got older Mac. Is ScanTexter compatible with it?

ScanTexter is compatible with OS X 13.0 Ventura or later.
If you can run such OS X, ScanTexter will be working fine on your Mac.

Why doesn’t my ScanTexter launch?

The Mac App Store probably just got confused by all the certificate, signature and security stuff.
Simply trash your ScanTexter from the Applications folder and redownload from the Mac App Store.
There’s no charge and you will keep your current settings.

I purchased a Pro product, but I am currently unable to use it due to the 60 free limit. What should I do?

All in-app purchases in the app are managed as purchases in your Apple account. Therefore, you must be logged in to the Apple account you used at the time of purchase. Relaunching the app while logged in to that account should resolve most issues. If that doesn't work, please contact Apple to verify that the purchase has been credited to your account.